August 27, 2013

once again

I am back, once again. Currently on break from school, which has given me extra time to blog about where my mind is right now. I have already considered writing essays and short stories to kill boredom. I have succeeded on the essay but not so much on short stories. I need some more creative imagination. I don't have much to say really but here to share some inspiration and what is new with me. Here we go.

Not only am I having a serious crush on this girl (for about four years now), but also lusting after her outfit and hunting for those Karen Walker sunnies.

Dreaming of a head-to-toe white outfit.

Tavi Gevinson. Inspiring lady. A bit embarrassing to say, but she's about three to four years younger than me. She's accomplished so much, I can't help but look up to her. (ph. Carolyn West)

Room inspo. I should start filling up my room with some life. Adding some greens to take care of might just be good for me.

Tattooed sleepy boys are cute. I have been wanting to get a tattoo ever since high school. Never had the guts nor the money for one. I am still in the process of saving money and getting myself to a tattoo parlor though. Goal is to get one before I turn twenty one, which is in about two months. I doubt I will meet my goal, but hey, it's a tattoo. It should be understandable.

I have also been on the search for new books to read. I am currently finishing up on my first Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood. It's definitely new to me. His writing is quite fresh, simple to read, and yet deep enough to be filled with meanings. Reading has also opened up new topics about feminism, which is why Tavi is up there on the inspiring list. I have been eyeing this Bukowski for quite a while. Maybe it'll be my next read.

In the fall, I will be taking a drawing class. Hopefully, I could bring back the skills I once had in high school. A classmate of mine from photography class once told me, "You never passed to me as a science student. You're more of an artist." One of the best compliments, I guess. (drawing/ph. luziusleichtle)

And some more inspiration...

(ph. tumblr)

And of course, finally, my 21st birthday is coming up. I don't have a plan for that day. I never really do. All I know is I will buy myself a bottle of wine and get drunk (not really the drunk part).

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